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Jar2Exe #2: Wrap JAR and JRE Together

1 minute read

This tutorial will allow you to pack the result of your recent work with the application (JAR) into one EXE file. Thanks to that, a portable version will be created, ensuring the launch of your pro...

Jar2Exe #1: Creating Custom Runtime Image

4 minute read

Java 9 introduced a new feature in programming in this language, which is the ability to create modules. By module, we mean a set of packages together with a file describing its content (descriptor...

Your JavaFX App on JDK 11 & OpenJFX

2 minute read

With the advent of Java 11, there were several key changes. One of them is the disconnection of JavaFX from JDK. JavaFX is a technology for creating a graphical user interface that was created as a...

CLP #4: Optimization Problem

3 minute read

Optimization plays a very important role in our lives. I think none of us likes to waste time unnecessarily. That’s why we think so often how to sort tasks and activities during the day. And if so,...

CLP #3: Scheduling Problem

8 minute read

Many times we face the problem of scheduling throughout our lives. Sometimes it is quite troublesome and cumbersome. In such situations, you can use CLP, which in this case, significantly shortens ...

CLP #2: Einstein’s Riddle

4 minute read

Each of us knows that Albert Einstein was a great genius. His person had a huge impact on the development of physics, but have you ever heard of his riddle? If not then, I will explain it to you now.

CLP #1: What is CLP?

3 minute read

CLP (Constraint Logic Programming) is a form of constraint programming, which is a kind of a declarative approach. The main goal of CLP is to find solutions that will satisfy (all) imposed constrai...

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HGC #2: Create Dataset

7 minute read

A dataset is a mandatory element in the implementation of projects using neural networks. It needs to be highlighted that it affects the learning process and thus plays a key role in predicting the...

HGC #1: Hand Gesture Control - Overview

2 minute read

Nowadays, technological progress boils down to making life easier for people in every aspect. The devices perform more tasks for us, while offering a number of new functionalities. One of them, mor...

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