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HGC #2: Create Dataset

7 minute read

A dataset is a mandatory element in the implementation of projects using neural networks. It needs to be highlighted that it affects the learning process and thus plays a key role in predicting the...

HGC #1: Hand Gesture Control - Overview

2 minute read

Nowadays, technological progress boils down to making life easier for people in every aspect. The devices perform more tasks for us, while offering a number of new functionalities. One of them, mor...

Jar2Exe #2: Wrap JAR and JRE Together

1 minute read

This tutorial will allow you to pack the result of your recent work with the application (JAR) into one EXE file. Thanks to that, a portable version will be created, ensuring the launch of your pro...

Jar2Exe #1: Creating Custom Runtime Image

4 minute read

Java 9 introduced a new feature in programming in this language, which is the ability to create modules. By module, we mean a set of packages together with a file describing its content (descriptor...

Your JavaFX App on JDK 11 & OpenJFX

2 minute read

With the advent of Java 11, there were several key changes. One of them is the disconnection of JavaFX from JDK. JavaFX is a technology for creating a graphical user interface that was created as a...